The core elements of Emotional Intelligence

Join us for an educational workshop at Golden Gavel Humorous on the core elements of Emotional Intelligence

A mini workshop on Emotional Intelligence run by Richard Riche:Richard Riche OCM

  • The business case for EQ
  • The lion and the lion tamer
  • The 4 core components
  • Assess your own EQ

the core elements of emotional intelligence

18h30 for 19h00 Accenture, Harrowdene Office Park, Western Services Road, Woodmead Cost R50 (incl light supper) RSVP:

Emotional intelligence is our ability to be aware of our own emotions, and to use that knowledge to manage ourselves and our relationships with other people.  Emotions drive our thoughts and behaviour.  We are all products of our past experiences and upbringing, and it is often the negative attitudes, beliefs or habits we picked up along the way that prevent us from performing as we should.  Consider the following:

Do you have any negative attitudes connected to any of the following?

  1. Giving a presentation
  2. Attending a team meeting
  3. Writing a report
  4. Your annual performance review
  5. The “difficult” colleague you have to work with
  6. The “difficult” account you have to deal with
  7. Your boss.

If these are challenges you face, this is the educational session you should attend.

Workshop based on One Clear Message programme: Building the EI in Team – Growing Emotional Intelligence in teams

The full EI in Team course core modules include:

  1. SCARF Neuroscience of conflict
  2. Effective listening skills
  3. Shifting mindset through feedback
  4. Business case for EI
  5. Core elements of EI
  6. Conflict and EI
  7. How to say no!
  8. Processing and managing your Emotional state

The core elements of Emotional Intelligence 

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